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They will be switching to black as the primary colour of their home jerseys. Stay updated on sales, new items and more. Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald released a statement: Kulikov is an experienced, physical left-shot defenseman who skates well. It is their primary mark that they used from 1997-2007 with some slight changes. All Right Reserved. Here is a breakdown of the teased jersey for each team: Here are all 31 jerseys from the #ReverseRetro preview video released by @adidashockey today. NEW: ​A 25th anniversary logo is expected for 2020-21. E-mail alerts of the week's sports business news. NEW: Will play Minnesota in the 2021 NHL Winter Classic and wear a new uniform for the event. We cover the latest news in Call of Duty, CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fighting Games, NBA 2K, Halo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Pokemon, Rocket League, Smite, Starcraft II, Fantasy Sports, MLS, EPL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAF, NFL, NHL, and PGA. These jerseys will only be worn 1-2 games a year against rivalry teams. Grab a new and authentic hockey jersey from the official online store of the NHL so you can watch every game in style while putting your team pride on display. So, what do we think about a blue and gold version of the swords logo? NEW: Their new jerseys were unveiled on October 6th. NHL: Jonathan Becher says a photo of what a new San Jose Sharks third jersey will look like, similar to what the California Seals jersey looked like in the mid-1970s, is a fake NEW: Their new logo was unveiled on September 18. Therefore, if you connect the dots, you can assume the Sabres will be going with a blue and gold version of the butter knives. The Official Sources of Puck Marks: hockeypngs.com, icethetics.com, sportslogos.net, nhl.com, tsn.ca, sportsnet.ca, irononlogos.com, 2020 NHL NEW JERSEY, UNIFORM, LOGO NEWS & UPDATES. They are the lower-priced replicas, but the designs are accurate to the Adizero game sweaters made by Adidas. They introduced a new 1988 throwback jersey in 2019-20 which may return in 2020-21. Each team will be wearing their own version of the reverse retro after Adidas and all the NHL team accounts ran a … However, these jerseys aren’t typical retro jerseys. Shop NHL hats in a variety of styles to match your favorite game day tee or jersey, and create your own power play with the best selection of NHL accessories, face coverings, jewelry, footwear and more. Easy returns. Uniform watchdog Icethetics on Monday reported on an eBay listing that led to images of new (yet to be announced) jerseys for the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins, with both jerseys hearkening back to what the clubs wore in the '80s and '90s. The Expansion Draft is currently scheduled for June, 2021. A lot of the conversation today has been what logo the Sabres are going have on the front. NEW: Their black 2019 Winter Classic jersey is expected to return full-time as their third jersey in 2020-21. Read Blog. Read Blog. NEW: Unveiled their 10th Anniversary Logo. NHL rookie Ozzy Wiesblatt and the deaf mute mother who supports his ice hockey dream At the 2020 NHL Draft held on October 6th, local time, 18-year-old Ozzy Wiesblatt was picked by the San Jose Sharks jerseys with the 31st overall pick in the first round. For the unfamiliar, Adidas produces the NHL’s authentic jerseys while Fanatics manufactures the cheaper replica options. REVERSE-RETRO: Philadelphia will be going with an inverted version of their 1983 orange jersey. Multiple Icethetics sources have now provided jersey descriptions that suggest the “twist” could be as simple as a color inversion (i.e. Adidas put out a teaser video yesterday for all 31 teams. Some are a bit tricky. REVERSE … NEW: A "Reverse-Retro" jersey is coming in 2020-21.​, NEW: Unveiled their new golden third jersey for 2020-21 on October 2nd. All Rights Reserved. NEW: May add a new green third jersey in 2020-21. Sports: Facebook Twitter Esports: Facebook Twitter, @2020 - thegamehaus.com. Based on Icethetics’ reporting, the “Reverse Retros” are alternates that will be carried as fourth jerseys by each NHL team for this season, and they are expected to be worn only once or twice against certain rivals, which might explain why these leaked Flyers and Penguins jerseys run in sharp contrast of each other. It may return in 2020-21 as a specialty jersey. #ReverseRetro Coming Soon. Stay tuned. Looks like the numbers sync with the retro year.I've labeled each one with my prediction for what team is represented. — Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) November 10, 2020 The Oilers ’ official Twitter account teased the “reverse retro” jerseys set to debut sometime in 2020-21. The NHL and Adidas released a teaser video of the reverse retro jerseys for all 31 teams. The goat head? However it does sound like a fourth jersey design is definitely in the works. NEW: May add a new navy blue third jersey in 2020-21. All 31 teams will be getting an alternate jersey by the name "Reverse Retro" in 2020-21. pic.twitter.com/ZoPxPkhHYq. And these new designs fit that bill. Discover, MasterCard, Visa Browse from a wide variety of styles including NHL Breakaway jerseys, alternate jerseys, home and away jerseys, replica jerseys, and more for every hockey fan. All NHL logos & team marks as well as all other proprietary materials posted here are the property of the NHL and the respective NHL teams and may not be reproduced without the permission of the NHL. There are no obvious signs of being counterfeit. NEW: A new throwback jersey is coming in 2020-21 (possibly their 2019 Winter Classic uniforms). They are the lower-priced replicas, but the designs … Jerseys were leaked on October 19th. Well, the number on the back of the jersey in the video turns out to be significant. Browse from a wide variety of styles including NHL Breakaway jerseys, alternate jerseys, home and away jerseys, replica jerseys, and more for every hockey fan. Fanatics, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Icethetics did a further breakdown of the new designs that surfaced on Monday: Between 1992 and 1997, the Pittsburgh Penguins wore a black road jersey (right) with the city’s name displayed diagonally across the front. 2020 NHL NEW JERSEY, UNIFORM, LOGO NEWS & UPDATES. If you haven’t heard, the NHL will be doing a Reverse Retro series of new jerseys for the 2020-21 season. *Sources: Icethetics.com, Sportslogos.net, The Athletic, NHL.com, Contact us at puckmarks.siteinfo@gmail.com, This is a non-profit website and its purpose is for the distribution of NHL materials with ease for the use of personal artwork. As noted above with regards to the new Flyers and Penguins jerseys, the idea of the new series will be to transpose primary colors of an earlier design. REVERSE-RETRO: Anaheim will be going with their "Wild Wing" jersey from 1996 with a new undisclosed colour scheme - likely orange (Icethetics). REVERSE-RETRO: Detroit will be going with a directly inverted version of their red home jersey (white jersey with red stripes - no red sleeves).

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