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[17] The sounds of the boat chase were replaced in post-production since the boats were not loud enough,[32] and the explosion, shot in Pinewood, got out of control, burning Walter Gotell's eyelids[30] and seriously injuring three stuntmen. [51], In comparing the film to its predecessor, Dr. No, Richard Roud, writing in The Guardian, said that From Russia with Love "didn't seem quite so lively, quite so fresh, or quite so rhythmically fast-moving. [13] Uncredited rewrites were contributed by Berkely Mather. Before departing, Bond is given a special attaché case by Q, containing several defensive gadgets and an ArmaLite AR-7 sniper rifle, to help on his assignment. Production ran over budget and schedule, and was rushed to finish by its scheduled October 1963 release date. Additional cast members include Leila (Lisa Guiraut) as a Gypsy belly dancer, Neville Jason as Kerim Bey's chauffeur. Upon receiving the consulate's floor plans from Romanova, Bond and Kerim make a plan to steal the Lektor, before all three make haste to escape the city aboard the Orient Express. Greek actress Katina Paxinou was originally considered for the role of Rosa Klebb, but was unavailable. [5], Behind schedule and over-budget, the production crew struggled to complete production in time for the already-announced premiere date that October. [7] John Barry replaced Monty Norman as composer of the soundtrack. Its summary states: "The second James Bond film, From Russia with Love, is a razor-sharp, briskly-paced Cold War thriller that features several electrifying action scenes. It follows the storyline of the book and film, albeit adding in new scenes, making it more action-oriented. [12] [43] Ian Fleming, Sean Connery and Walter Gotell attended the premiere. [37], From Russia with Love is the first Bond film in the series with John Barry as the primary soundtrack composer. However, the man he meets is actually Grant, who has already killed Nash and assumed his identity. [50] At the 1965 Laurel Awards, Lotte Lenya stood third for Best Female Supporting Performance, and the film secured second place in the Action-Drama category. When the theatrical property Walther PPK pistol did not arrive, Hurn volunteered the use of his own Walther LP-53 air pistol. [17] The scene in which Bond finds Tatiana in his hotel bed was used for Bianchi's screen test, with Dawson standing in, this time, as Bond. Connery not only allowed his 1960s likeness as Bond to be used, but the actor, in his 70s, also recorded the character's dialogue, marking a return to the role 22 years after he last played Bond in Never Say Never Again. [4] As President John F. Kennedy had named Fleming's novel From Russia with Love among his ten favourite books of all time in Life magazine,[5] producers Broccoli and Saltzman chose this as the follow-up to Bond's cinematic debut in Dr. No. Its soundtrack was composed by Christopher Lennertz and Vic Flick. Llewelyn remained as the character, better known as Q, in all but one of the series' films until his death in 1999.[14][15]. Maibaum kept on making rewrites as filming progressed. [46] After reissue it grossed $78 million,[47] of which $24 million was from North America. Eventually, Romanova meets Bond at his hotel suite, where she agrees to provide plans to the consulate for him to help him steal the Lektor. In the film, Bond is sent to assist in the defection of Soviet consulate clerk Tatiana Romanova in Turkey, where SPECTRE plans to avenge Bond's killing of Dr. No. Although uncredited, the actor who played Number 1 was Anthony Dawson, who had played Professor Dent in the previous Bond film, Dr. No, and appeared in several of Terence Young's films. Learning of Grant's death and Bond's survival, SPECTRE's enigmatic chairman (Number 1) has Kronsteen executed for his plan's disastrous failure. [66] Conversely, in his book about the Bond phenomenon, The Man With the Golden Touch, British author Sinclair McKay states "I know it is heresy to say so, and that some enthusiasts regard From Russia With Love as the Holy Grail of Bond, but let's be searingly honest – some of it is crashingly dull. Terence Young cast Austrian singer Lotte Lenya after hearing one of her musical recordings. [21], Mexican actor Pedro Armendáriz was recommended to Young by director John Ford to play Kerim Bey. Bond tricks Grant into setting off a booby trap in his attaché case before killing him. Several actresses were considered for the role of Tatiana, including Italians Sylva Koscina and Virna Lisi, Danish actress Annette Vadim, and English-born Tania Mallet. Young wanted Kronsteen's portrayer to be "an actor with a remarkable face", so the minor character would be well remembered by audiences. "[59], Film critic James Berardinelli cited this as his favourite Bond film, writing "Only From Russia with Love avoids slipping into the comic book realm of Goldfinger and its successors while giving us a sampling of the familiar Bond formula (action, gadgets, women, cars, etc.). [The Trip] was supposedly to seep up the music, so Noel Rogers and I used to go 'round to these nightclubs and listen to all this stuff. When he could no longer work, he returned home and took his own life. "[52] He went on to say that "... the film is highly immoral in every imaginable way; it is neither uplifting, instructive nor life-enhancing. When the train arrives in Belgrade, Bond passes on news of Kerim's death to one of his sons waiting for them and receives instructions to travel to Zagreb and rendezvous with a British agent named Nash. [28] Production Designer Syd Cain built up the "chess pawn" motif in his $150,000 set for the brief sequence. We had the strangest week, and really came away with nothing, except a lot of ridiculous stories. '''[41], In this film, Barry introduced the percussive theme "007"—action music that came to be considered the "secondary James Bond theme". Robert Shaw and Connery did most of the stunts themselves. 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[5], The helicopter and boat chase scenes were not in the original novel but were added to create an action climax. The following year, it was released in 16 countries worldwide, with the United States premiere on 8 April 1964, at New York's Astor Theatre. [60], In June 2001 Neil Smith of BBC Films called it "a film that only gets better with age". [17] A helicopter was also hard to obtain, and the special effects crew were nearly arrested trying to get one at a local airbase. He composed it to have a lighter, enthusiastic and more adventurous theme to relax the audience. SPECTRE operative Rosa Klebb, a former SMERSH (Soviet counter-intelligence) colonel, is assigned to oversee the mission and to ensure Grant can carry out Bond's assassination at the right moment. [9] The original screenwriter was Len Deighton, who accompanied Harry Saltzman, Syd Cain, and Terence Young to Istanbul[10] but he was replaced because of a lack of progress. In the film, the train journey was set in Eastern Europe. The journey and the truck ride were shot in Argyll, Scotland and Switzerland. [5] However, to qualify for the British film funding of the time, at least 70 percent of the film had to have been filmed in Great Britain or the Commonwealth. Rotten Tomatoes sampled 57 reviewers and judged 95% of the reviews to be positive with a rating of 8/10. A boxer at Cambridge, Young choreographed the fight between Grant and Bond along with stunt coordinator Peter Perkins. We went back, talked to Lionel, and then he wrote 'From Russia with Love. [48] It was the most popular movie at the British box office in 1963. "[56], From Russia with Love received critical praise from critics decades following the film's original release and is considered to be amongst the finest of Connery's 007 tenure. "[71] Sean Connery,[3] Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig also consider this their favourite Bond film. fame and sung by Matt Monro,[39] although the title credit music is a lively instrumental version of the tune beginning with Barry's brief "James Bond Is Back" then segueing into Monty Norman's "James Bond Theme." "[57] Many online sites also commonly cite From Russia with Love as the best Bond film of all time. Klebb orders Romanova to leave the room while holding Bond at gunpoint. [23] The Gypsy camp was also to be filmed in an actual camp in Topkapi, but was actually shot in a replica of it in Pinewood. Klebb reaches the pair, while they are resting in a hotel in Venice, and sneaks into their room disguised as a maid. [5] Some sources state Harwood was credited for the "adaptation" mostly for her suggestions which were carried over into Maibaum's script. A Russian agent, for instance, does not simply escape through a window; no, he escapes through a window in a brick wall painted with a colossal poster portrait of Anita Ekberg, and as he crawls out of the window, he seems to be crawling out of Anita's mouth. [42], From Russia with Love premiered on 10 October 1963 at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. With their mission accomplished, Bond and Romanova spend some time on a romantic boat ride and Bond throws the film into the canal. [5] For the last quarter of the movie, Maibaum added two chase scenes, with a helicopter and speedboats, and changed the location of Bond and Klebb's battle from Paris to Venice.

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