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[…] being fought in court in PA, criminal referrals in NV, and software glitches in Michigan. There were brief pauses in counting for voting machine jams, software issues, and some states decisions to not count through the night. Not so USA. How can an election be held where you don’t collect all the votes before you count and report results. "Aunque la apuesta no le ha salido mal y es aceptable, todo el rato estoy pensando que no hacía ninguna falta", "Adiós a la claustrofobia, a la sensación de tiempo real, al misterio sobre la fisonomía. Whoever wins fair and square is President. Escribe tu opinión para que el resto de los usuarios la pueda leer. An excellent diabolical plan. They have to wait 10 days before getting involved ! Dominion? Leverage our strengths to design an optimal assessment experience for students and teachers. This is not a kid’s playground, election is crucial for the nation. He has been working on this election for several months and even issued a report. Go to Theamericanreport.org and watch Video by Ret Lt Gen Tom McInerney and Article by Fanning on Scoreboard Software and Hammer Info… Seen interview a few days ago and explains a lot! Explore our site to learn more about how we can work with you to measure student learning. Our long-standing commitment to evidence-centered design helps us deliver assessments that closely reflect the work your students and teachers are doing in the classroom. But no … Why!Why? Besides, most of counties don’t have 6,000 people. Officials in Antrim County, Michigan, discovered a software “glitch,” which caused roughly 6,000 Trump votes to be switched over to Biden. ITS A TAKE OVER. I surfed into this video last night and it is shocking and is explained in great detail how the vote switching scam works. 1. Just came across your site and would like to let you know that I don’t believe for one minute that the election was free and fair. I think they’ve even stolen them from other Democrats in their own party who should be outraged about this also,” Powell said. Si no estás registrad@ puedes contactarnos vía Twitter, FB o por email a info -arroba- filmaffinity -punto- com. I’m following the election from Europe. Will you have a problem Voting In Person – no mail in ballot – in person at the polling station only. Hmmm LIKE us for Long Island news, traffic and weather. There are more questions than answers in this election. BREAKING: Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy placed on Administrative leave after telling the truth. Hillary emphatically stated…. Mich up 700 thousand somewhere around 3am or 4am lead almost gone! Antrim county made a mistake when they only updated some of their tabulators for an election update. Better assessments mean better information for you to make meaningful decisions in your state, districts and schools. (...) un inmoral giro final y convierte una pieza perfecta de 96 minutos en un grandilocuente tostón de casi tres horas. “Elections security is my top priority,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement in 2019. Truth is there is no evidence to back this up. Email Steve live@www.ptnewsnetwork.com. This is normal? The leader of the free world needs a free and fair process. The husband of a California democrat senator owns 60% of that company, Former Clinton Foundation board member any wonder why Hillary told Biden not to concede no matter the result. NCarolina big lead fading! Predictive, should be, plus with Hammer 3% of votes switch R to D. It’s a little convenient that those particular states use it. But just to be clear on a few points. haha ! Sinopsis: Un chico checheno de 18 años es acusado de asesinar a su padrastro, un oficial del ejército ruso. If I was the FBI, I would be looking at the bank accounts of all the programmers that worked on developing the software. It is important to realize Dominion Voter System is said to provide roughly 35% of the nation’s voter systems and software. The problem is that our US congressmen have invested in the Communist Chinese stock market, which Marco Rubio wants stopped as a conflict of interest. No way we are smart Americans that love our President Donald J Trump. Smartmatic’s chairman is a member of the British House of Lords, Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, former vice-president at the World Bank, lead international partner at Sawyer Miller, a political consulting firm, and former vice-chair of the World Economic Forum who “remains deeply involved in international affairs.” The company’s reported globalist ties have caused members of the media and government officials to raise questions about its involvement in the U.S. electoral process.

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